Hello World

Hey!😊 I live in Durham, North Carolina with my girlfriend and two dogs. I enjoy art and I particularly love playing music. In addition to that I’m a collector of hobbies. My newest is woodworking, wish me luck. I suppose having a lot of hobbies is a good thing, because I also kept a hobby of following tech. Which led me to become a full time developer for a tech consulting company. And I’m very grateful to be in that position. Having a wide array of interests seems to be a common thread with developers, we must enjoy trying new things.

So that’s why you’re here. This is my latest forray into something new. The plan is to make a blog post once a month along with a matching youtube style video. The content will be technical 🧐, funny 🤞, and emotionally validating 💜. As a sneak peak here are some of the topics I’m currently writing:

  • Building dynamic forms with Formik, NextJS, and TypeScript
  • A pattern for simple accessible modals in react
  • Building a multi-step form with vanilla Typescript and Vite

Ever since I started learning web development in earnest I’ve felt an immense gratitude to the dev community, specifically the JavaScript community. They have quite literally given me a means to create a new living for myself and the best way I can think to give back is to help others. In a perfect world my content will guide a junior dev, be a reference for a middle dev, and insightful for senior devs and managers.

I also have some more things I’d like to build on this website. Which is a great time to mention that you can find all this code open source on my GitHub. Some of those features are:

  • An accessibility score checker for each page
  • A theme picker in blog settings that persists between page refreshes
  • And to make a better readme.md for the GitHub repo

Trust me you don’t want to miss these gems!